2018 February 18th-March 3rd

2017 November
Guest appearance on radioshow, “Miyuki Kawanaka ~people, music and heart” on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting. 日本文化放送『川中美幸 人・うた・心』ゲスト出演

2017 August
Guest appearance on radioshow, “SUNSTAR WEEKEND JOURNEY” on FM Yokohama. FMヨコハマ『SUNSTAR WEEKEND JOURNEY』ゲスト出演


2014 January
Design work was introduced in Design book, MdN book, published in Japan.

2013 November
Kimono piece appeared in a magazine, “Utsukushii Kimono (Beautiful Kimono)” Dec. 2013 issue, published in Japan.
ハーベスト婦人画報『美しいキモノ』2013年12月号 掲載

2011 April
Contributed an article over design technique in Design Magazine, MdN magazine book, published in Japan.

2009 November
Contributed an article over designing process in Design Magazine, MdN vol.187, published in Japan.
MdN 11月号 vol.187 ”アナログ表現”技法について掲載2007 May
Design works and profile were introduced in Design Magazine, MdN vol.158, published in Japan
MdN 5月号 vol.158 のアーティストファイルに掲載

2005 May
A design work appeared on “Senior Liburary”(School of Visual Arts Publishing)

2004 August
A design work appeared on CMYK magazine vol.38|CMYK magazine vol.38にポスター作品が掲載

2003 December
Art works appeared on David Carson’s book, “Trek” (Gingko Press)|ディビッド・カーソンの『Trek』に作品が掲載

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